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To Lager is to store beer for relatively long periods at cold temperatures after the end of fermentation. However, in modern usage, lager is used to describe any beer or beer style brewed with bottom-fermented or lager yeast. Lager is a derivation of a German word, lagern, originally meaning "to store." The original lager styles were the result of long-term storage in caves far beneath the ground.

History of Lager

While today lager beers are the most popular in the world, lager yeast is a relatively new development. For most of the history of beer, beers were fermented first with wild yeast and then with ale yeast.

Lager beer yeasts slowly developed in Germany and Austria in the last few hundred years; as brewers began to cold-condition, or "lager", their beer for longer temperatures, causing them to drop out of solution, they were naturally selecting for yeast which thrived at the bottom of the fermentation vessel. However, this "bottom-fermenting" lager yeast was not isolated in its pure form until the nineteenth century, with the work of scientific brewers such as Anton Dreher and Emil Hansen.

Brewing with Lager Yeast

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Lager Beer Styles

Today, "lager" is synonymous with light colored, lightly flavored American lager and the international lager that is so similar to it. However, not all lagers are lightly colored or flavored; lager can be just as colorful and flavorful as ale.