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Australian Sparkling Ale, sometimes called Adelaide Sparkling Ale or Australian Pale Ale, is a beer style once popular in Australia, especially in the Adelaide area. Today, the only widely available commercial example is Coopers Sparkling Ale.

Coopers Sparkling Ale is a refreshing, golden ale that is top-fermented, displaying fruity aromas, a malt driven palate and a clean finish. Sparkling ale is bottle-conditioned to a high degree of carbonation, and the yeast is usually roused before serving, giving the beer a hefeweizen-like cloudiness in the glass.

History of Australian Sparkling Ale

Coopers Sparkling Ale draws its heritage from the brew Thomas Cooper made in 1862 as a tonic for Ann, his wife. Ann, as an innkeeper's daughter, knew something about brewing and Thomas used her recipe. Neighbours sampled the brew and soon encouraged Thomas to expand his brewing that, in time, lead to the founding of Coopers Brewery. Brewed expressly for bottling and delivery to the door, the term "sparkling" may have been used to describe the difference between Coopers' ale and the less carbonated cask conditioned ales, made by other local brewers, available in hotels.

Brewing Australian Sparkling Ale

With a flavor commonly referred to as "wheaty","grainy","bready", Australian Sparkling Ale is brewed predominantly with barley malt including some wheat and crystal malt. After an initial fermentation at ale temperatures, it is then centrifuged, reseeded with revitalised yeast and primed with liquid sugar before bottling. Australian hop varieties are traditionally Pride of Ringwood.

Competition Styles

Neither the BJCP nor the GABF recognize this style. An approximation of the technical guidelines for this style might be:

OG: 1.044-1.050 ABV: 5-6% IBU: 25-26 SRM: 5-10

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