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English Fuggles

Fuggle is an English hop cultivar. Sometimes considered an English landrace, Fuggles were seedling selected in England in 1875. The true Fuggle (English) is sometimes considered a noble hop, and while it is sometimes considered inferior to Golding hop varieties such as the famous East Kent Goldings, Fuggle's flavor and aroma are deeply characteristic of English beer.

Fuggles Around the World

Most landrace hop varieties do not produce the same results when transplanted around the world, and as with most other European hops, American Fuggles are not as highly regarded as the true English Fuggle. Fuggle, however, does seem to be one of the easiest to grow of the traditional European hops, and to retain more of a noble character wherever it is grown. As a result, in addition to being grown around the world as Fuggle, this cultivar has at times stood in for other noble hops.

For example, the Styrian Goldings grown in Austria and Slovenia are not in fact true Golding hops but Fuggles, which may have been mislabeled by the growers for marketing reasons or may have been sold to the Styrians as "Fuggles Golding" in the first place for much the same reason. Also, the "Swiss Tettnanger" traditionally grown in Switzerland appears to be Fuggle or a closely related hop, and, probably as a result, the hops grown as "Tettnanger" in the United States and Australia also appear to be Fuggles.

The worldwide popularity of this hop, and its ability to fit in for different noble hops in different parts of the world, is a good indicator of this hop's quality and durability, and makes it worth a look both for homebrewers and for home hop growers.

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