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This article describes the process of washing yeast, according to the procedure demonstrated by HBTer Bernie Brewer. Washing yeast allows a homebrewer to recover yeast from a finished batch of beer for repitching or storage for future brewing.


  • 4 pint sized Mason jars w/lids
  • 1 larger container for extra water
  • 1 kitchen tongs
  • A large boiling kettle


1.Put the mason jars, lids, and tongs into the kettle and fill with enough water to cover equipment.


2.Boil for approximately 20 minutes. This will sanitize everything along with removing the oxygen from the water to not revitalize the yeast.


3.Cover all jars and place in the refrigerator until cool or overnight.


4.Rack your beer/wine as normal.


5.Pour the water that was in the jars into the fermenter.


6.Swirl the fermenter to suspend the trub.


7.Let sit for appoximately 20 minutes. You might notice some separation.


8.Pour the liquid from the fermenter into the large jar. Try not to remove any of the part that separated.


9.Let rest for another 20 minutes. Once again you should notice some separation.


10 Fill the four empty pint jars with the yeast/liquid from the bigger mason jar. Once again try not to remove any of the part that separated.


  • The last picture shows four completed jars and one that has been successfully washed from a previous batch.

11.Label jars and put into fridge for use into a starter at a later date.

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