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Fermentation Chamber w/ Refrigeration

The home brewer's answer to jacketed fermenters. These "Cabinets" are insulated and temperature controlled. Smaller versions include the Son of Fermentation Chiller and range up to walk in coolers. They can also be constructed from refrigerators modified with a temperature controller, either analog or digital.

Do It Yourself

Son of Fermentation Chiller 
The Fermentation chiller is an insulated box which uses ice, a thermostat, and a small fan to acuratly regulate the temperature of a fermentor. While simpler insulated boxes and other simple temperature management techniques often work reasonably well, they can't regulate the temperature; they can only cool it to "some point" below ambient which changes as the ice melts.
Fermentation Chamber w/ Refrigeration 
Similar to the Son of Fermentation Chiller, this project uses the guts of a mini-fridge to provide cooling and temperature control, rather than ice packs.