How can I help?

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How to contribute

Adding and editing articles is simple. To get to the editing screen, just:

  • Click on the "edit" tab at the top of every page, or on one of the "edit" links next to a section header, to edit that page or section
  • Click on red links, which are links to pages that don't exist yet, and create them
  • If you search for a term that doesn't exist yet, click on the "Create this page" link and create an entry
  • If you have a good public domain image for an article which needs one, use the Special:Upload page and upload it
  • If you notice spelling, grammar, spacing, or formatting errors, fix them
  • If a page should link to another wiki page but doesn't create the link by surrounding the term with [[double brackets]]

Basic wiki editing

The editing screen is pretty self-explanatory for simple edits. If you want to use headers, categories, templates, and other advanced editing tools, visit the Wikimedia help page at for more information.


What needs doing?

Help Wanted: Please contribute wherever you feel you can. For information on how to create or edit an article, see the How can I help? page.
Wanted Pages and Categories: A "red link" represents an article or category that someone has linked to, but which doesn't yet exist. Help make the Home Brewing Wiki more complete by filling in these articles.
Format Help Needed: These pages all require more formatting to make them look better. After you format an article, make sure you remove the {{needsFormatting}} text so it is dropped from the list.
Stubs: A "stub" represents an article that exists, but that has little or no useful content. An article stub is the same as a "wanted" page but with a special placeholder rather than no content at all. A section stub represents a section within a larger article that needs some content. Delete the "stub" template link when you've filled in the information.

A special appeal to vintners, meadmakers and cider experts

Right now, the wiki is pretty beer-centric. If you can help us add more content on mead or cider, or especially wine, please do what you can. We want this site to be useful to the entire fermentation community.