American Weissbeer

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American Weissbeer, also known as American weissbier, is a nearly defunct style of wheat beer from the United States. It used similar yeast cultures as Berliner Weisse, but brewers usually used approximately 30% grits and 70% pale malt in the mash. Wahl and Henius do not state whether corn or wheat grits were used, however Palmer writes that it was “unmalted wheat in the form of grits.” The wort was boiled approximately 30 minutes, with a half to three-quarters of a pound of hops per barrel. It was relatively low in alcohol – 2.85 to 2.97 abv, according to Wahl and Henius.

Although it was one of the most popular beers prior to Prohibition, wide scale production of the beer did not resume once Prohibition ended. Today, American Weissbeer is not made commercially other than possibly by a few microbreweries as an occasional specialty.

  • OG: 1.040-1.056
  • FG: 1.10-1.014
  • IBU: 10-20
  • SRM: 2-9


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