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Imperial is a term sometimes used to describe a beer that is brewed to a significantly higher original gravity, and therefore a significantly higher alcohol content, than other beers in the same style. These beers are also sometimes called Double or Triple versions of the style as well.

"Imperial" and "Double"

The use of the term "Imperial" for these beers stems from the Russian Imperial Stout style, an extra-strong stout brewed for export to Russia and Eastern Europe, where it was reportedly popular with the Russian Imperial court. When American craft brewers began brewing stronger versions of other styles, they sometimes described them as "Imperial" versions.

Other terms sometimes used to describe these beers are double or triple, as in a Double IPA. These terms are intended to describe a beer with twice or three times as much alcohol, or bitterness, or gravity points, as the original.

Imperial Styles

In addition to Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA and Imperial Pilsner are well established as styles, with many commercial examples. Other styles, such as Porter, are occasionally brewed commerciallhy, and Pyramid recently released an Imperial Hefeweizen. However, almost any style of beer can be brewed to a higher than normal strength as an Specialty Imperial Beer.