Leipziger Gose

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Leipziger Gose or Gose is a very rare regional style of soured, top-fermented German wheat beer flavored with coriander and salt, traditionally a specialty of the German city of Leipzig. Gose is traditionally brewed with a unique conditioning process which involves leaving an opening in the cask, allowing yeast to escape.

History of Gose

A mainstay of Leipzig brewing since the 18th century, Gose almost died out after World War II, as did Berliner Weisse and other minor German regional syles. In 1986, however, a new Gose brewery called "Ohne Bedenken" opened in Leipzig, and now several more local breweries, as well as a few international brewers, have joined them. Bottled versions are still difficult to find outside of Germany, however.

Brewing Gose

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Competition Styles

Neither the BJCP nor the GABF style guidelines recognize Gose as a competition style. Gose should be entered in either organization's competitions in one of the Specialty beer categories.

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