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Germany's most famous beers are probably its lagers; from the delicately hopped German versions of the Czech Pilsner to rich Märzen and Bock beers overflowing with malt flavors. However, the most surprising thing about German beer is probably its variety. While the myth of the Reinheitsgebot might make beer drinkers think that German beers are necessarily uniform, in fact creativity reigns supreme in German beer. Sometimes this means unusual equipment or techniques, such as those used to make Eisbock. Sometimes it means stepping outside of the supposedly "pure" barley beers, as in the famous German Weizen or Roggenbier. Many regional German beer styles are soured through bacterial fermentation, such as the tart, refreshing Berliner Weisse, and a few contain more exotic ingredients, such as the salt used to flavor the traditional Leipzig beer called Gose. The well-crafted lagers (formerly Märzen but now mostly Wiesen) poured at Oktoberfest are only the tip of the German beer iceberg.