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Below is a list of brewing and general forum acronyms and terms.


AA - Alpha acid

AAA - American Amber Ale

AAE - alpha amylase enzyme

AAU - Alpha Acid Unit

ABV - Alcohol By Volume

ABW - Alcohol By Weight

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AFD - Alcohol Free Day

AG - All Grain

AHA - American Homebrewers Association

AHB - Aussie Home Brewer

ANAWBS - Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show

APA - American Pale Ale

ATM - At The Moment


BAE - beta amylase enzyme

BB - Brew Booster

Bbl - Barrel (31 gallons in U.S.)

BE - Brew Enhancer - Coopers - also BE2

BIAB - Brew in a Bag

BIN - Buy It Now - Ebay.

BJCP - Beer Judge Certification Program

BK - Boil Kettle

BOAB - Brewing On A Budget

Bottle bombs - overcarbonated bottles that are in danger of exploding or do in fact explode. Often created when the wort has been bottled prior to primary fermentation being complete.

BP - BrewPub

BS - BullS**t

BTU - British thermal units

BTW - By The Way

BUMP - Bump Up My Post(a recursive acronym, or backronym!)

BYO - Brew Your Own (print magazine) - www.BYO.com


CaCO3 - calcium carbonate (chalk)

CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale

CAP - Classic American Pilsner

CaSO4 - calcium sulfate (gypsum)

CC - Cold Condition

CF - Counter Flow

CFC - Counter Flow Chiller

CFWC - Counter Flow Wort Chiller

CO - carbon monoxide

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Cold break - proteins that coagulate as wort cools.

CP - Charlie Papazian

CPA - Coopers (Original) Pale Ale

CPBF - Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

CPF - Counter Pressure Filler

CPVC - chlorinated polyvinyl choloride (plastic)

CSA - Cold Side Aeration

CSA - Coopers Sparking Ale


DAB - Dortmunder Actien Brauerei

DCL - DCL Yeast - formerly Fermentis - Safale, Saflager etc.

DCS - Dried Corn Syrup (MaltoDextrin)

DE - diatamacious earth (filter)

DE - diastatic enzyme

DLM - Dry Light Malt (Extract)

DM - Dave Miller

DME - Dry Malt Extract

DME - dark malt extract (uncommon)

DME - diastatic malt extract (uncommon)

DMS - DiMethyl Sulfide

DMS - diastatic malt syrup (as in Edme DMS extract)

DMSO - dimethyl sulfoxide

DWC - DeWolf Cosyns (malting company)


EBC - European Brewers Convention, a measure of grains/beer colour. See SRM

EE - extract efficiency (uncommon)

EF - Edmund Fitzgerald Robust Porter, brewed by the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

EKG - East Kent Goldings (hop variety)

EM - EasyMasher (Jack Schmidling Product)

ESB - Eastern Suburbs Brewmaker

ESB - Extra/English Special Bitter


FAN - Free Amino-Nitrogen, helps yeast do stuff

FAQ - frequently asked question

FB - False Bottom (lautering)

FDA - United States Food & Drug Administration

Fermenter - usually a sealed unit used to keep a fermentation safe from infection.

FFS - For F*** Sake

FG - Finished/Final Gravity (see also OG and SG)

FV - fermentation vessel

FWH - First wort hopping

FWIW - For What It's Worth

FYI - For Your Information


GABF - Great American Beer Festival

GBBF - Great British Beer Festival

G&G - Grain and Grape - HBS

Gravity - is the concentration of sugar in the wort or beer. There are various methods of measurement, one of which is degrees Plato (see below). Related terms are OG and FG - original gravity and final gravity. OG is the gravity at the start of fermentation and FG is the gravity at the end of fermentation.

GPM - gallons per minute

Grist - the total body of grains used in a mash. There needs to be at least 50% malted grain such as barley or wheat. Zero to 50% (approx.) of the mash may be unmalted cereal grains, flour, or other forms of starch (e.g., pumpkin, potato, etc.).


HB - Home Brew!

HBD - Homebrew Digest

HBS - Home Brew Store/Shop

HBU - Homebrew Bittering Unit - Hop Measurement by John Palmer

HDPE - High Density PolyEthylene - a plastic, used for fermentors, stirring spoons, etc.

HERMIT - Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash Infusion T.... (Tank/Tun?) - Hybrid RIMS/HERMS system

HERMS - Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System

HEX - Heat Exchange

HLB - hot liquor bath

HLT - Hot liquor tank - A vessel used for heating water to be used for brewing.

HNO3 - nitric acid

Hot break - proteins that coagulate whilst boiling the wort

HP - High Pressure(?) gas burner

HSA - Hot side aeration

HTB - How To Brew - John Palmer's free online(print avail.) book.

HTFU - Harden The F--- Up.


IBU - International Bittering Unit; 1 IBU=1 mg iso alpha acid in 1 litre of wort

IBU - Illawarra Brewers Union (An Australian brewing group based in the Illawarra Region 100 km south of Sydney)

ID - internal diameter

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly

IMC - International Malting Company

IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion

IMO - In My Opinion

IOW - in other words

IPA - India Pale Ale

IRA - Irish Red Ale


JW - Joe White


K&B or KnB - Kits and Bits - Kit of hopped malt extract, extra malt extract, extra hops and special yeast.

K&K or K+K - Kit (hopped malt extract) and Kilo (sugar)

Kettle - used to boil your wort.

Krausen (n.) - pron. "kroysen". A foamy head of proteins that forms on the top of actively fermenting beer formed by carbon dioxide carrying proteins to the surface during fermentation.

Krausen (vt.) - foaming yeast activity floating on top of a fermenting wort.

Krausen line - is produced whilst fermenting, makes a brown-dirty edge at top of the fermenter


L - degree Lovibond (measure of color)

L - degree Lintner (spell out to avoid confusion with above)

LA - low alcohol

Lager (n.) - beer produced by bottom fermenting yeast (Sacchoromyces carlsbergensis) and lagering

Lager (vt.) - to store fermented beer for an extended period at low temperature.

Lagering (n.) - the act of storing beer for an extended period at low temperature.

Larger - something bigger.

Lauter tun - a vessel containing a false bottom or manifold that is slotted, perforated or made of mesh to prevent the passage of malt husks and thus allows extraction of clear wort from the mash. (German: Lauter = Clear or Pure) - Pronounced: Lowter, like Cow or Now.

Lautering - separating the wort from the grist after a mash. - Pronounced: Loytering, like Toy. (German: Läuterung = Purification. - pron: Loyteroong like Full).

LC - Little Creatures

LCPA - Little Creatures Pale Ale

LHBS - Local Home Brew Store/Shop

LME - Liquid Malt Extract

LMK - Let Me Know

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

LPG - liquefied propane gas

LT - lauter tun


Malt - grain that has been germinated for four to seven days to activate starch-conversion enzymes before being dried and kilned.

Mash (n.) - the mix of grist and hot water.

Mash (vt.) - to convert staches in grist to fermentable sugars and long-chain dextrins by the action of enzymes in the malt portion of the grist in a mix of water and grist held at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees centigrade.

Mash tun - Vessel used to mash grains in. Often built as combined mash/lauter tun (see lauter tun).

MB's - MasterBrew's (Grumpy's)

MBAA - Master Brewers Association of America

MD - MaltoDextrin

MgSO4 - magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)

MJ - Michael Jackson (the beer writer, not the weird dude)

MLT - Mash & Lauter Tun

MM - malt mill

MO - Maris Otter - variety of Barley

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

MT - mash tun


N2 - nitrogen

NA - non-alcoholic

NaCHO3 - sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

NaCl - sodium chloride (table salt)

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Apparently, the NASA burner sounds like the shuttle!

NB - Northern Brewer hops

NC - 'No Chill' method for cooling boiled wort

NE - NorthEast (or New England) region of USA

NG - natural gas

NHC - National Homebrew Competition (in USA)

Noble hop - European hops such as Hallertauer, Saaz, Tettnanger, Spalter which have been specially bred so as to virtually eliminate the male version of the plant, so there are no seeds in the cones (flowers). They generally are low in bitterness and high in aroma.


O2 - oxygen

OD - outer diameter

OG - Original Gravity (see also FG and SG)

OHS - Over Hot Side(?)

OLHBS - OnLine HomeBrew Store/Shop

OMG - Oh My God

OPA - Original Pale Ale (Coopers)

OTOH - On The Other Hand....blahblahblah


P - Plato (density measurement, see also SG)

PET - PolyEthylene Terephthalate - plastic, used for bottles, like Coke etc

pH - potential hydrogen (measure of acidity)

PITA - Pain In The Arse

PKU - Please Keep Up

Plato/degrees Plato - (øP) - unit measuring sugar content of the wort. Named for a German chemist, one degree Plato represents a sugar content equivalent to 1% sucrose by weight.

PM - Private/Personal Message

PNW - Pacific Northwest (region of USA)

POR - Pride of Ringwood

ppg - points per gallon (extract efficiency)

ppm - part per million (mg/l)

Prime (vt.) - to add fermentables to a finished beer at bottling or kegging to induce secondary fermentation and subsequent carbonation of the beer.

PS - PostScript

PSI - pounds per square inch (pressure)

PSR - Pink Stain R(?) - Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate - aka: Pink Neo Sanitiser

PU - Pilsner Urquell (uncommon)

PVC - PolyVinylChloride - Vinyl tubing



R2D - Ready to Drink

RB - Roasted Barley

RCD - Residual-Current Device

RDWHAHB - Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Home Brew!

RFC - request for comment

RIMS - acronym for Recirculating Infusion Mash System

RIS - Russian imperial stout

RO - Reverse Osmosis (water filtration)

ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing


RTFM - read the flaming manual


SG - Specific Gravity (see also FG and OG)

Slurry - mixture of yeast and trub

SMM - S-methyl methionine

SNPA - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sparge (vt.) - A method of extracting sugars from mashed grain by addition of hot water. Types include fly sparge (adding a steady trickle of water to maintain a constant head of water above the grain), flood sparge (adding sparge water in increments so the head is repeatedly falling and being raised), and batch sparge the mash tun is repeatedly completely drained and a batch of sparge water added and the tun drained again--usually repeated two to three times).

Speise - a part of wort held back til the primary fermentation is done. Then, while racking/bottling, add about 8% Speise to the young beer to start a second fermentation in the keg/bottles to get the right amount of CO2 in the beer.

Splurge - spend excessive amounts on brewing bling.

SRM - Standard Reference Method (Standard for USA), Sometimes called Lovibond. See EBC

SS - Stainless Steel

SS - SodaStream

SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed (aka: the missus or The Wife)


TBH - To Be Honest ... blah blah blah

TCHBOHB - The Complete Hand Book of Home Brewing (Dave Miller)

TIA - thanks in advance

TKT - Thread Killa Thread

TNCJOHB - The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing (Charlie Papazian)

Toucan Brew - Beer recipe using two cans of pre-hopped liquid malt extract (Kits) water and yeast only.

TR - Tap Room

Trub - pronounced troob - hops and proteins left at the bottom of a brewing vessel; protein, hop residue and yeast at the bottom of a fermenter.

TSP - TriSodium Phosphate - popular HB Cleaner/Sanitiser

TTLA - Timothy Taylors Landlord Ale

TW - Torrified Wheat - puffed wheat.

TWOC - Tina's World Of Crafts(!) HBS in Perth


URL - uniform resource locator (WWW address)

USFDA - United States Food & Drug Administration


VB - Victoria Bitter - bottled/canned water


Wart - A viral infection of the skin that causes unsightly lumps. Not to be confused with wort.

WBBD - Whole Bag Brew Day - full 25kg mash brew!

WCB - West Coast Brewers.

WK - Windisch Kolbach (also W-K), measure of diastatic power

WL - White Labs (also WLP)

Wort -pronounced wert (like word) - the unfermented liquor from which beer is made. Not to be confused with lumpy growths which can occur on the skin!

WTF - What The F*$! ?

WWW - world wide web

WY - Wyeast



YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary


Zwickel - is a cloudy cellar beer, bottom fermented, a kind of unfiltered lager beer.