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A jockey box

A jockey box consists of an ice chest that has a coil of stainless steel or plastic tubing inside and an inlet and outlet (faucet) on the outside. The tubing should be ¼” or less and is usually about 50’ in length. The ice chest is filled with ice and water in order to chill the coils. When beer enters the coil it is circulated through the coils and chilled down very quickly due to the amount of surface area and high energy transfer rate of the metal tubing. A room temperature keg can be dispensed under 40˚F and out of the faucet to your waiting glass….or possibly gaping maw.

  • It’s possible to incorporate multiple coils and multiple faucets for dispensing more than one beer.
  • The water should be drained periodically and more ice added as needed.
  • Liquid should not be stored in the jockey box for extended periods of time as you risk the chance of rust and pitting of the coils as well as mold growth.
  • The beer line should be cleaned with a suitable cleaner (i.e. B-L-C) after every use and thoroughly rinsed and sanitized before the next use.
  • Do not use copper with acidic, carbonated foods as it could lead to copper poisoning.<ref>FDA Food Code 2009</ref>

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