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General Hop Characteristics
Country of Origin: US
Noble: No
Uses: bittering
Beer styles: American ale
Substitutions: Nugget, Columbus
Chemical Composition
Alpha Acids: 14.5 - 16.5 %
Beta Acids: ? %
Cohumulone: ? %
Myrcene: ? %
Humulene: ? %
Caryophyllene: ? %
Farnesene: ? %
Total Oil: ? %

(%AA/6 Mo/20°C):

good %
Growing Characteristics
Yield: high
Harvest: ?

This article discusses a specific variety of hops. For general information about selecting, using or propogating hops, see the main hop page

Millennium is the product of a cross breeding of Nugget and Columbus hops in 1989. It originates from the Pacific Northwest. Millennium hops were bred for higher tolerance to mildew, higher cone production per acre, and higher storage capabilities than other American bittering hop varieties at the time.

Millennium hops are very similar to Nugget hops in aroma and flavor. Some descriptors included floral, resiny, and a bit spicy/herbal.