Pale ale malt

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Extract Potential (P/P/G) 1.034
Color 3-5.5 L
Requires Mashing? yes
Max in Batch 100%
Grain in the fields

Pale ale malt is a traditional description for a light-colored base malt, usually malted from one or more two-row English barley varieties and used as the base for most traditional English beer styles. Pale ale malts are ordinarily kilned to a slightly darker color than malts sold simply as two-row malt or traditional Pilsner malt; 3 to 4 L is most common. Some maltsters' pale ale malts approach 5.5 L, overlapping with the color of mild malt.

The specific variety of barley used will affect the flavor of the malt, and as a result, many maltsters refer to their pale base malts by the barley variety rather than generically as "Pale ale". A malt named after a particular barley variety, such as Maris Otter, Halcyon, Optic, or Pipkin, is always a form of pale ale malt unless otherwise specified.

Brewing with pale ale malt

General brewing information

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Beer styles

Pale ale malt is the standard British base malt, and forms the bulk of the grist in most English beer styles.

Commercial malt analyses

This section contains information on commercially available malts, derived from the malting companies' malt analysis sheets.