Sorachi Ace

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General Hop Characteristics
Country of Origin: Japan
Noble: No
Uses: aroma
Beer styles: Asian lagers
Substitutions: German noble hops or similar
Chemical Composition
Alpha Acids: up to 16 %
Beta Acids: - %
Cohumulone: 23 %
Myrcene: - %
Humulene: - %
Caryophyllene: - %
Farnesene: - %
Total Oil: - %

(%AA/6 Mo/20°C):

- %
Growing Characteristics
Yield: -
Harvest: midseason

This article discusses a specific variety of hops. For general information about selecting, using or propogating hops, see the main hop page

A variety that has only recently become available to home brewers in the United States, Sorachi Ace was previously grown by Sapporo for use in their beers, but has since apparently been replaced by more recent varieties in Japan.

Jason Breatt of Lodi Brewing Company has said that his brewery began experimenting heavily with Sorachi Ace during the 2007-8 hop shortage, and that it has a strong but pleasant lemon character.