Spalt Select

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General Hop Characteristics
Country of Origin: Germany
Noble: No
Uses: aroma
Beer styles: German, continental European, and American lagers
Substitutions: Spalt Spalter, Tettnang Tettnanger, Saaz Saazer, Hallertau Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Saaz (Czech)
Chemical Composition
Alpha Acids: 3-6.5 %
Beta Acids: 2.5-6.2 %
Cohumulone: 20-27 %
Myrcene: 20-50 %
Humulene: 10-36 %
Caryophyllene: 4-13 %
Farnesene: 0-22 (sources vary) %
Total Oil: 0.6-1.2 %

(%AA/6 Mo/20°C):

good %
Growing Characteristics
Yield: moderate
Harvest: medium to late

This article discusses a specific variety of hops. For general information about selecting, using or propogating hops, see the main hop page

Spalt Select, sometimes called Spalter Select, was released in the late 1980s by the German hop breeding program at Hüll. The goal of Spalt Select was to reproduce the classic noble hop character of the Spalt Spalter landrace in a more easily grown hop. Spalt Select was reportedly chosen by Anheuser-Busch to replace Spalt Spalter and Tettnang Tettnanger hops in some of their recipes.

Some Spalter Select hops available to American homebrewers may be labeled simply as "Spalt" or "Spalter", but in fact Spalt Select is not the same cultivar as Spalt Spalter or even a closely related cultivar; it is a triploid derived primarily from Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Since "Spalt" or "Spalter" is part of the hop's name, hops grown anywhere may be sold as "Spalter Select." In fact, in addition to Spalt, much commercial production of Spalt Select takes place in the Hallertau.

Some growers are currently growing Spalt Select as an organic hop.