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  • ...n the relative amount of fermentables from each source. Red or white wine grapes may be used. ...may range from pale straw to deep purple-red, depending on the variety of grapes and honey used. The color should be characteristic of the variety or type o
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  • ...or a [[fermented beverages|fermented beverage]] made from fruit other than grapes, or from other types of plant. Traditional English country wine ingredient
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  • made by fermenting grapes. Many Home Brewers do not limit themselves to grapes and brew "[[country wine]]" by fermenting other fruit and vegetables. |- |w
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  • ...ategory for beverages made by fermenting honey, water and fruit other than grapes, apples, or pears.
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  • ...ows of bramble fruit such as blackberries and raspberries. Vines producing grapes and kiwis are also typically used in establishing a wineyard. Narive bushes
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  • ...not just things commonly referred to as "fruits", such as [[apples]] and [[grapes]], but many things more commonly considered [[vegetables]], such as peppers ===Grapes===
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  • ...nclude kriek (cherries), framboise (raspberries) and druivenlambik (muscat grapes). ENTRANT MUST SPECIFY THE TYPE OF FRUIT(S) USED IN MAKING THE LAMBIC. Any ...or Muscat grapes. More recent examples include peaches, apricots or merlot grapes. Tart or acidic fruit is traditionally used as its purpose is not to sweete
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  • [[Category:Grapes]] '''Verjuice''' is a highly acidic type of grape juice pressed from unripe grapes. It is often used instead of [[vinegar]] in dishes which will be served wi
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  • ...of [[mead]] mixed with [[verjuice]], an acidic liquid pressed from unripe grapes. It is sometimes considered a type of [[Pyment]], but in flavor was probab
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  • ...annins]] and other polyphenols are present in the skin, seeds and stems of grapes and in the wood of oak (which is often used to flavour the wines). In beer
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  • A version of federweisser made with red grapes is also available but less common.
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  • ...fermentation of [[grapes]] is the most common, the same processes used on grapes can also be used to make [[country wine]], [[cider]], or [[perry]] from oth Over the years, many ingredients other than barley, grapes, and honey have been used to create delicious and culturally significant be
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