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Fruit is the main ingredient in wine (including both grape wine and most styles of country wine) as well as cider and perry. It is also a common source of additional fermentable sugars and flavoring in both beer and mead.

What is a fruit?

In biological terms, fruit is a broad category of plant materials, consisting of the ripened ovary of a seed-bearing plant. This includes not just things commonly referred to as "fruits", such as apples and grapes, but many things more commonly considered vegetables, such as peppers and tomatoes, as well as nuts and grains.

This article uses the culinary, rather than biological, definition of fruit. Vegetables, nuts, and other botanical fruits not considered fruits by most cooks will be considered separately.

Major Fruits Used in Fermentation

A few fruits are important enough in making various sorts of fermented beverages to be considered separately. Each of the fruits below is the primary ingredient in a prominent beverage.


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The main ingredient in grape wine, grapes come in a stunning number of varieties. Choosing or growing the grape is one of the most important elements that determines the character of a wine. Grapes are also one of the main ingredients in pyment.


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Apples are the primary ingredient in cider and one of the primary ingredients in cyser.


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Pears are the primary ingredient in perry, a beverage similar to cider.

Other Fruits Used in Fermentation

Almost any fruit, including the major fruits listed above, can also be used as an additive or adjunct in beer, mead, or wine, where there is a long tradition of mixing various fruits into the wort or must. They can also be used in beverages that are not traditionally blended, such as cider or sake.

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