Flavoring agents

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Flavoring agents include anything added to a beer primarily to add flavor rather than fermentable sugar to the brew. Common beer flavorings include fruits, herbs, and spices.


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Fruit may add both flavor and fermentability to a brew, depending on the specific fruit and the beer it is added to. See the Fruit entry for information on specific fruits and tips for brewing with fruit.

Herbs and spices

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Oak chips and other forms of wood can be used to add a distinctive character to beer.

Oak Chips

  • Use: Secondary
  • Time: 7.0 days
  • Use for: Oak Flavor
  • Notes: Can be added to the secondary or keg during aging to simulate oak flavor. Boil first to sterilize and place in weighted bag so they do not float. Amounts vary with chip size and time - smaller chips impart more flavor.

Flavor extracts

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Almost all of the above flavors can be added either in their traditional form or in the form of a concentrated extract. Sometimes the extract can give better results than the raw ingredient, and sometimes the ingredient has the edge. See the Flavor extract entry for details on some common extracts used in home brewing.