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Extract Potential (P/P/G) 1.036
Color 2.1-3.6 L
Requires Mashing? TRUE
Max in Batch 100.0 %
Grain in the fields

Rauchmalz or Beechwood-Smoked Malt is a German malt which is dried over open beechwood fires to impart a strong smoky flavor to the finished beer. It is the malt used for traditional Bamberg Rauchbier.

Brewing with Rauchmalz

The smoke flavor does not affect the enzyme composition of the beer, and it can convert itself and be used as up to 100% of the grist, although because of its strong flavor less is usually used. As little as ten percent in the grist can give a noticeable flavor of smoke.

Malting Process

Rauchmalz is prepared in the same manner as an ordinary base malt, except that instead of being dried in a traditional kiln, it is dried over an open beechwood fire, or in a kiln designed to draw the smoke of a wood fire over the drying malt. The result is a malt with the characteristics of lager malt but with a strong smoky flavor.

Beer styles

Rauchmalz is traditional in Rauchbier, where it can make up more than half of the grist, giving a very strong smoke character, especially in young beers.

Commercial malt analyses

This section contains information on commercially available malts, derived from the malting companies' malt analysis sheets.