Vienna malt

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Extract Potential (P/P/G) 1.036
Color 3.5 SRM
Requires Mashing? TRUE
Max in Batch 90.0 %
Vienna malt

Vienna Malt is a kiln-dried barley malt darker than pale ale malt, but not as dark as Munich Malt. It imparts a golden to orange color and a distinctive toast or biscuit malt aroma to the beer.

Brewing with Vienna Malt


While it is now considered a high-kilned malt, Vienna malt was one of the earliest pale malts and formed the basis for a new breed of lighter lagers exemplified by Anton Dreher's Vienna Lager.

Malting Process

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Beer styles

Vienna malt traditionally makes up up to 100% of the grist of Vienna Lager and the bulk of the related Märzen style. Other beer styles sometimes use Vienna malt to add malty complexity and light toasty notes to lighter base malts, or to lighten the grist of a beer brewed with mostly Munich malt. Examples include Baltic Porter, Dunkelweizen, and most styles of Bock.

Commercial malt analyses

This section contains information on commercially available malts, derived from the malting companies' malt analysis sheets.