Perle (American)

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General Hop Characteristics
Country of Origin: United States (originally Germany)
Noble: No
Uses: bittering or aroma
Beer styles: German lagers and wheat beers
Substitutions: Perle, Northern Brewer
Chemical Composition
Alpha Acids: 7-11 %
Beta Acids: 4-5 %
Cohumulone: 27-32 %
Myrcene: 45-55 %
Humulene: 28-33 %
Caryophyllene: 10-12 %
Farnesene: less than 1 %
Total Oil: 0.7-0.9 %

(%AA/6 Mo/20°C):

80-85 %
Growing Characteristics
Yield: average
Harvest: early

This article discusses a specific variety of hops. For general information about selecting, using or propogating hops, see the main hop page

Bred in Germany from Northern Brewer, Perle was an attempt at a higher-alpha replacement for Hallertauer Mittelfrüher. It has a pleasant aroma with a minty character. American versions have a very different profile than those grown in Germany.